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Serve the finest quality coffee to ensure customer satisfaction. Coffee was introduced to Indonesia in the 1700s and until now Indonesia has become the world’s fourth largest coffee producer. We exclusively sell Indonesian coffee and are based in the province of East Java. We bring you the best by combining value of taste and art of Indonesian coffee, we present Dastan Coffee and we promise to serve the best and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our specialty Indonesia produces the world’s most expensive coffee in the world, we’re proudly present Dastan Coffee which is specialty in Indonesian coffee, through knowing the art of drinking coffee we offer the best and high value of Indonesian coffee. Indonesian Specialty Coffee, is specialized to the beans of the best flavor which are produced in special microclimates, having quality in the taste superiority with an unique composition, balanced with selected coffee beans, coming from the exotic Islands. We brings you closer to your coffee.

We pride ourselves in maintaining high quality standards for the production of Civet Coffee, as well as supporting local Java farmers.

Since the popularity of gourmet coffee – Civet Coffee – has increased, there has been a surge of farmers setting up cages to breed the animal in captivity. These captivated Civet cats are force fed with coffee berries, and the output is then collected for Civet Coffee.  This is known as caged Civet Coffee. This type of intensive farming is quite different from traditional farming because the natural selection process does not come into play, so the beans are of poor quality compared to beans collected from the wild.

Dastan Coffee beans DO NOT come from caged Civet Coffee. We source our beans only from the wild where the Civet animals are free to roam in the plantation to pick the best ripe coffee berries. As the Civets are stress-free, the natural enzymes required to enhance the beans flavor are optimized.

A combination of authentic wild beans, optimal enzyme action, stringent quality control and unconventional phased roasting processes differentiates Dastan Coffee from all other Civet Coffee providers.

Watch out for the fakes. It is unfortunate that there are many fake Civet Coffee on the market. Other providers use only a fraction (as little as 4%) of Civet Coffee combined with normal beans and sell them as Civet Coffee beans. Our agents closely monitor every batch of unprocessed beans to ensure that Dastan Coffee remains the sole provider of 100% authentic Civet Coffee beans. Our Arabica Civet Coffee and Robusta Civet Coffee roasted beans remain the most sought after beans from upscale market, as well as professional barista.

We are genuinely and enthusiastically obsessed about good quality coffee for all – with distinctive roasts and big flavors. We gives you coffees that have been created with a genuine passion and obsession for quality and originality. We believe in connecting people who love good quality coffee. And not only will you love the coffee, but you’ll feel good about drinking it too since at Dastan Coffee we believe in promoting strong local communities, forging quality relationships with our suppliers and showing true respect for the environment.

We roast only the finest Premium Speciality Grade Arabicas that we source directly, fresh from the farmers and traders of the remote highland regions of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Arguably, some of the world finest Arabicas can be found in our region. The very length and diversity of the Archipelago (over 5,000 km E to W) means that coffees of different regions have their own unique taste and character. In fact harvest seasons can vary by as much as 6 months from region to region. We have a wonderful diversity of single origin coffees to choose from. We also enjoy promoting the coffees of our region by providing personal background and information on the various estates and people from whom we source our green beans.

Now get the perfect cup from us. We’re sure that you’ll be as obsessed as we are after just one sip…

In the meantime, don’t forget you can enjoy a cup of specialty coffee at home by ordering online.

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-Mahatma Gandhi-

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