Arabica Toraja

Selected coffee beans from Toraja. Toraja coffee bean from the beautiful mountains of the remote isle of Sulawesi. Toraja located at the south of Celebes island -one of the four large Sunda islands of Indonesia and it is situated between Borneo and the Maluku island- known as a “Land of heavenly Kings”. Beautiful highland inhabited by Toraja ethnic group are renowned for their elaborate funeral rites, burial sites carved into rocky cliffs, massive peaked-roof traditional houses known as Tongkonan, and colorful wood carvings. Think Toraja, think a deep coffee.

Coffee are planted during Dutch Colonies 100 years ago. Most of Sulawesi’s coffee is grown by small-holders, Toraja arabica coffee is known for its intense fruitty aroma, high body, medium acidity, nutty, warm spicy, sweet and long aftertaste. It is grown at altitudes 1200m and reach 2.000m above sea level on rocky soil land with large amount of iron contents. Sulawesi coffee is very well-balanced, and with a smooth finish. Arabica Toraja in particular is renowned for its multi-dimensional characteristics and an earthy quality.