Arabica Papua Wamena

New Guinea is the second largest island in the world. The west half of the island is known as Papua of Indonesia, Baliem Valley in the central highlands of the Jayawijaya region, surrounding the town of Wamena is the main location of coffee Arabica production with altitudes between 1.600 to 2.500m above sea level, creating ideal conditions for super hard bean (SHB) Arabica production.

The Papua coffee growing region is one of the most remote and purest places in the world. The coffee grows wild at high altitudes and is naturally protected by the rainforest canopy. Papua produce a small amount of Arabica coffee compare to other part of Indonesia, only few tons annually and not sufficient to fit container for export. The area is extremely remote, with most coffee growing areas inaccessible by road and nearly untouched by the modern world. All coffee is shade grown, in a stunning natural environment that is home to the Bird of Paradise and uncounted other species. The tropical forests of Papua are among the most bio-diverse habitat on earth. Most of this coffee is processed entirely by hand and transported in backpack by foot, which makes this coffee both rare tasty. Papua is arguably one of the best coffees of the world.