Arabica Aceh Gayo

Gayo Land located at the highland of Central Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam NAD province. Inhabited by Gayo ethnic groups with their own tradition. A beautiful evergreen highland view with huge lake “Laut Tawar” as a center of coffee town, formed from volcano eruption hundred thousand years ago, a stone aged fresh air, with clean and clear water from lake provide the life of human, flora and fauna and entire ecosystem including coffee tree.

Gayo highland coffee planted in shade grown among the rainforest tree with organic practice starting at altitude 1.250 meter above sea level. Total Arabica area around 90.000 hectare centered at the lake growing best Sumatra Arabica Coffee. The fragrance is fresh and nutty combined with floral, refreshing spicy, dark chocolate and caramel. Gayo comes from arabica coffee beans from the choice of the Gayo Highlands – Aceh was having coffee a unique taste with a slightly sour taste, distinctive and delicious aroma of coffee made from coffee gayo this level with a large sixth in the world.